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If you're a small business owner, you want to provide the best insurance options to your employees while still keeping costs affordable. Not only will having good insurance plans keep your existing employees happy, but it will help you to attract top talent in the future. There are various coverage levels and specific types of care you can choose to include, and we can help you develop the best plans for you.

Small business solutions

Give your employees the best of the best with insurance plans from our company. We look forward to serving you soon.

 •   Health coverage

 •   Accidents

 •   Cancer

 •   Short-term disability

 •   Hospital indemnity coverage

 •   Heart and stroke benefits

 •   Dental and vision

 •   Life insurance

Covered items can include:

We can help you comply with local and federal laws in terms of what minimum offerings we have and help you find a balance between what you'd like to give your employees and what you can afford. We have over a decade of experience serving our customers and work with over 60 different insurance companies, so you'll always know you're getting the best options.

Doing what works for you

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